Please upload clear images of yourself. Face oriented photos. (No T-shirts, longsleeves, unless accompanied by longsleeves under).

Please also use a non-disturbing web-nick, and write an introduction of yourself.

This is a least of deceny test, and failure to comply will result in deletion of account, as with non-intelligent spambots.
Ywe Cærlyn
                      Noc - Composer,  Engineer                                         Léad                                               Researcher, Engineer                     
                Where The Goḣd Wants Peace And Trance                         Uggun Isn´t A Trinity OS                    A Bōss of the Wôrlds Without Company Theistic Research     

Buskerud - Real old norse name being non-trinitarian, Biskupsruð, meaning Bishopsroom.
Norway, Home Of Many Peace Conventions.

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