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Lightbulb Prayer, Keyphrases And Central Information
Posted by: Ywe Cærlyn - 06-22-2018, 11:42 AM - Forum: A Bōss of the Wôrlds Without Company Theistic Research - No Replies

I can start with the prayer, and some keyphrases. Our culture is a christian-zënbuddhistic culture. When understood and perfected, it is muslim. And The Bible, without obtuseness, is a Quran, and so replaces it.

The quranic prayer, in a fluent translation, with 1:1 cultural compatibility, keeping all monotheistic developments is:

For Uggun, The Géntle, The Grêat.
Hailed Be Uggun, Bōss Of The Wôrlds, The Géntle, The Grêat.
Guarder of The Time of Doom.
You we revére, and you we petition.
Guide us on the course that is virtuous,
the course to whom favours are granted,
and not vengeance granted, nor straying.

Analysing The Quranic language, in some places I have had to use special signs, and abbreviations to get closer to a monotheistic dialect, and with this prayer I tried to keep the wordlenght similar, for an accurate feel aswell. It turned out very good. I am also using a reconstructed concept of The Goḣd, Uggun, without the trinity, that has the same meaning as Allah, considering the special translations, in the translated prayer, as the arabic version with Allah, so also a translation of "Allah".

The linguistics of "God" actually goes back to the first concept of belief, corrected as "the goḣd" (Al-Ilah), that is refined through other prophets, and becomes a concept one adhéres to. "bōss of the wôrlds, without company". Which I have reconstructed and recovered the full (non-triune) name as Uggun. Which is the goḣd, without trinitarian regression. This after zën/transcendent focus meditation, in the contemporary time, based on my own faith, that has worked for me. And according to the longer past trend of a more transcendent concept, influenced by zën, and unitarian intellectualism. Uggun is void of needs. A development in the "west" of Uggun himself. And it is 1:1 compatible with the arabic script linguistics Allah, that also is the latest concept of prophets, and adhéred to, so also a translation of this, into our own germanic language, which is a branch of the indo-european language family, spoken by Adam. His also a non-triune concept. The modern latin alphabet seems adapted to monotheism, where the lowercase and highercase variations of letters, seems to serve the purpose of expressing the original religion of "do not eat of the forbidden tree". We are also using the Lucida Console font, that seems to be a digitized script variant.

[Image: Dispilio_%20Artifact.png]
The Dispilio Artifact, dated to approx 5200 BC, proto-indo-europe, probably Adams original tablet, and a teaching
that logically needs to happen for civilization to start. That in The Bible was associated with the later reverse shamanic addition,
that was included in The Bible. Not present In The Quran.
Changing to a zën-realized concept of The Goḣd, deassociates this also, in our culture, formalizing "zën", and taking it back to Abrahamic religion.

Harmonizing east and west. And compatible with the "direct reality" view of buddhists. But even arabic names like Shamash (sun) and Qamar (moon), become coherent in our culture with this, and shows the quranic arabic linguistics are quite optimal, though some of it a bit incompatible with our culture, and thus misunderstood.

Looking at the trend of for instance the word "zen" itself, chan/seon/zen, seeing it move towards an enligthened state without vain attachments or innovations, and knowing many of these expressions are from different alphabets, we can write it as zën, in this alphabet, and it is a submitted principle and a muslim state, without idolatry, and we can see that this once was Ibrahimic religion. The hindu and christian concept of godconsciousness, better expressed in the buddhistic "I am awake", and perfected in the muslim "Having Taqwa".

[Image: Zun.png]

And it is not at all "Ufos" that are coming with superior knowledge either. It seems a hallucinogenic metaphor, and it is indeed próféts and The Quran is superior knowledge. The hippies later greeted eachothers with peace greetings also, though also with unwanted associations, and this we want out. Some new agers seem closer to the real idea, but a pure philosophy is needed, and clean religious attitude with whole pattern of behaviour paradigm, such as Islam.

Probable words for import are Shamash, Qamar, and also for instance mushrik/mushrikeans for those who commit Shirk ("idolatry"), Shirk being a probably word for import aswell (Uggun is far above shirk). With devotê/devotêans being a likely candidate for translation of "muslim". Halal and Haram food, already working well in our culture (legal or not foodtypes in Islam). Islam meaning "adhération" but since it is closely related to muslim, maybe "Dêvox". The modified Idhole for the arabic word Taghut. And some expressions like jinn, are already translated, adding a special sign, we get closest such as Géni. The word "angel" I also replaced with the Quranic original, Malaika, since it seems to be a hallucinogenic variant of this. Tawhid is translatable with Theísm. Some of these are also known in jewish variants, and the word Shamash can even be seen in old Mesopotamian culture. And The Quran (The Script) also states that the religion is perfected in it, and that we have also taken into account, and this is the closest possible translation done. One can even try the original names of Uggun used in the prayer: Uggun is Rahman Rahim.

Do note that we have nothing to do with the Sunni or shia-séct or any séct, as indeed The Quran states not to have, or support any teaching of "Sunna Mohammed (typically spelled wrong, right spelling is Muhammad)". The Quran only talks of Sunnathullah. (The ways of Uggun).

There is just one One: "Goḣd" (english) "Ghud" Norwegian, "Goth" (German), "Koda" (Iranian) ... 

Considering our linguistic inheritance, Nórge, becomes the right words for "Norway" aswell, where an Adamically influenced primary industry was fishing/agriculture before 1000AD, and really become "christian" at that time, often associated with stories of "Harald Hårfagre". Later highly influenced by Buddhism, and gains a more transcendent view of The Goḣd, and mainstream talk of "egolessness", and in these days, perfected in the muslim view of the world. Where egho is "nafs" (sêlf). Atleast for scholars, and probably in 20 years for many others indeed many say. Indeed when you speak, one does put a bit of pressure on the ó of Nórge, and it is a development of Uggun himself, making it a more muslim nation.

Islam is indeed the fastest growing religion. Improving monotheism only, with a major change being interest free banking, as one might humorously say. On the whole, a progression overall.

Some other examples: Irán, Néderland, etc. Japan seems to not need one. And not America either. And a ĝ for Enĝland. A lot of the times these concept seem quite close to monotheism, and one can sometimes just add a ´ like one pronounces it, getting a more monotheistic dialect, or other special sign, considering linguistic developments, from Adams time, harmonizing indeed monotheistic teachings. "All societies had a prófet (rasul)" - Quran.

And the teaching of "Uggun Is The Creator Of The Cosmoses And The Ard",  (monotheistic dialect, with arabic borrowwords/replacements) is well-known. Also that of "7 Cosmoses above eachother".

And I suggest using The Script names of prófets, for instance Isa. "We took Isa up to ourself" - Quran.  Earlier scripture also denotes Isa, as "Is" without vowels as they often were. With a classic faith, with an aftlife:

[2:168] Do not pursue the footprints of Shaytan.
[4:143] Verily, two-timers shall be in the deepest lows of the fire.
[2:25] And give good tidings to those who have faith, and do good deeds, that for they, gardens with riverflows underneath.

[3:18] Uggun testifies that there is no goḣd but him, and so do the malaika and those having grasp, standing just. There is no goḣd, but He, The Most Mighty, The Knowledgeable.
[17:77] You will not find in our customs any revision.
[44:29] Muhammad is the prófet of Uggun.
[33:45]. ..Oh Póst Indeed we have sent you. (example translation, work in progress).

Our history indeed goes back to Adam, and The Original Quran seems to be an accurate account of it. 
Many places Buddhism (~0AD) influenced the interpretations, Buddhism being a canon of teachings, written by Buddha, itself being influenced by Zarathustrianism (-2200BC) "Right Mind, Right Action" which seems to be remains of Ibrahimic religion, now polytheistic, and later Daoistic philosophy (~500AD), and its transcendence, loosely based on the same, bringing teachings of egolessness and transcendence back to christianity, from zën-buddhism. And Wu Wei becomes a "submitted principle" in Daoism. Filtering out regressions in religion, unoriginal scripture, vain goḣds, and egoassociations. And zën becomes a modern way of deassociating from the pantheon. Also influences the modern day unitarian intellectualism. Which has taken me to deep zën, where there is nothing but submitted principles. And this transcendent trend leading to the clean, and deepest zën absolute reality unitarian concept: Uggue, The Tôp, The Grând, and enligthenment. And when associated teachings are perfected, we get The Quran. "I have perfected your religion" - Quran. Taking our society further. In modern times often said "with universalization, getting a broader reach, and getting potentiality blocks out". With such a multicultural concept, broader appeal than ever. Not only logically, but absolutely, as direct reality would imply, and a standard language, and here I am also showing examples of a research dialect. And "Uggun is the best teacher" -  Quran.

Realized from the deepest zën, transcendent like Dao, harmonizes with old doomsday faith back to Adam, is a unitarian concept of The Goḣd, and could even be seen as a proper realization what of "YHWH" is about, which itself seems to be a reconstruction of old Adamic faith, though mistakenly including the second tree innovation, which I have ommitted, so an earlier attempt at the same, concept wise. So now, in religion science, "Yahwist" and "Elohim" source are synced.  "Uggun is the source of peace" - Quran.

[Image: earth_from_space_hidef.jpg]

We also looked at the overview effect, which indeed is very interesting. "I have decreed Islam as your religion" states The Quran. Where the main teaching is Uggun Is Bōss of the Wôrlds. He has no company.

Religion still is rejection of vain goḣds.

And so the adhérance to Islamic doctrine, where the monotheism and realities are taught, and the Ibrahimic main statement "Uggun is the only goḣd".

And looking at this we are some dots, letters and abbreviations away from a revealed monotheistic dialect, and a monotheologic renaissance. 

In popular standard language, Uggun Is Bōss  Over All Things. In later developed language, Uggun is The Transcendent.

And from my research, and the knowledge endowed to me by Uggun concluding this trend, and as a perfection of the age of reason society, one should be moving further away from the trinity, as necessary, reflecting an enligthened paradigm. The trinity should go out of our churches. Earlier monotheism is without it, and this zën-concept has associations to it and doomsday faith. Uggun is to our society, what Allah is to arabic society. And with such a zën-concept, only reality and reduction of linguistics to accepted religious sentiments, anti-idolatry and a managable level, and the accepted paradigm, the original conformance and compliance is relevant, and real monotheism. And indeed as idolatry is typical in media, the concept of The Goḣd grows stronger, broader and more universal aswell, and unifying multicultural believers. A progress of society indeed.

"And remember our worshippers Ibrahim, Ishaq and Yaqub, being strong and visionary". - Quran (38:45). 

Let us agree to worship Uggun without attributing him company.

Hailed Be Uggun.


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Posted by: Ywe Cærlyn - 06-11-2018, 08:24 AM - Forum: Introductions, Site Messages And Talkback - No Replies

Please upload clear images of yourself. Face oriented photos. (No T-shirts, longsleeves, unless accompanied by longsleeves under).

Please also use a non-disturbing web-nick, and write an introduction of yourself.

This is a least of deceny test, and failure to comply will result in deletion of account, as with non-intelligent spambots.

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  Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S. - "Fair Percentages In Cyberspace".
Posted by: Ywe Cærlyn - 05-11-2018, 04:16 PM - Forum: Uggun Isn´t A Trinity OS - No Replies

Discuss items related to the Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S. Project. 

[Image: OS_logo.png]
Background and Points So Far:

I believe that the ultimate iteration of the computer OS will be Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S.
  • I/O seems an early OS layer, that high-levels input and output, for easier interaction with hardware.
  • Unix is a complete high-level OS that generalizes things to virtualized input/output.
  • The Amiga is the first affordable homecomputer, with OS and multimedia possibilties, that gains a large independent user group.
  • Available source becomes a decentralized operating systems development paradigm.
  • Looking at these data, we see that the trinity was never important, unitarian philosophy is through all of it, and even the Lucida Console font mimics monotheistic script, and reduction of data to an accepted monotheistic paradigm is also necessary for such a project, and we conclude with Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S. Where Fair Pay is decreed by Uggun, with a full background in The Quran, combining available source with the business oriented computer, gaining the independent market, now competing with virtual technology, in the same space as big studios, using a multicultural trinityless zën concept of the goḣd, maximizing digital goods potential.
And I have designed Racôh Computer, as a part of my research on monotheism that earned me a top 1% result on academia.edu, as an iteration based on this, where we use this refined philosophy, for an optimal decentralized international streaming goods paradigm, putting independent and decentralized locations and resources to use. Maximizing online potential and digital goods oppourtunity.

Chaos theory, dictates that the wings of a butterfly may cause a storm elsewhere.
Zën buddhism will add, did the ego of the butterfly indeed cause so much distress?
We choose a transcendental angle on life, for high accuracy of philosophical impact, without associations to vain gods. And computing space already was monotheistic and unitarian, and this is the only thing we are taking further, where fair pay is decreed. With the name Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S., completing this philosophy with a zën-concept of the goḣd, compatible with both east and west, reflecting an enligthened paradigm.

The design is coherent down to the whole computer design, something that indeed needs to happen in available source space.

And the understanding will be that the OS will have available source, intended for use in a system, where fair pay delegations are done, for reasonable use, eventually maintenance, support and updates for users. Implementing work union principles, and labour party politics, working out fair pay, for decentralized actors. Indeed ultimately Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S. philosophy, where fair pay is decreed by Uggun.

The whole computing industry is based on business. From Commodore Business Machines, to International Business Machines, to Microsoft, and Bill Gates. What better than a machine, that is completely designed for fair pay, considering general reason, and monotheism.

OS: https://youtu.be/x8HzSVdBHZU

An OS is I/O via virtualized nodes, signal routing (scheduling etc) and usually a visual user interface. Programmed with a code-sequence of a certain dialect, usually Esthetic C. Peak jitter below 200μs converges to optimal. Streaming conventions could be implemented in a new standard, and protocol aswell, Could even be a whole new language with bytecode directly transported to CPU, combining scripting, interpreted, and native speed, by adding more instructions, getting several "clocks" in  1. Particulary since a lot of C is just assembly macros anyway, giving a less masochistic machine code, and while loops could look just the same. A lot of DSP are clear candidates, a 4pole filter (one input, one output), can be combined into a one clock operation aswell. JSR could take arguments. And ofcourse commonly used functions. Even larger things that has just one input, and one output. And this could even be done in parallel. Where instead of HTML commands, this for swiftness and low-latency. Why not even have parallel OS functions on multiple cpus, for common things like audio, and other low-latency I/O, getting better response overall. Buses could be parallelized on the mainboard aswell, for chokefree realtime audio. And with all digital distribution goods marked with author, a 15000 km² zone, and country, and automatically delegated a fair non-selfrejecting welldefined value - Delyar. Code components for OS, also being digitalgoods etc, decentralized independent author news, scholarship, media etc. Giving optimal network synergistics.

Screenmode I: https://youtu.be/2dx6dbiTm8w

An optimal screenmode would use 128x antialiasing, as this is maximal pixel information, pr resolution. Best with an 8K render to quadratic subpixel precise 4K surface (8K WRGB grid), where ofcourse the subpixel intensities represents the colordepth optimally. Earlier one has also determined 72hz to be the minimal psychovisual noise refresh rate aswell. I also found the 72.734hz refresh rate to be minimal psychovisual noise, higher will only give more noise.

Since such 4K screens does not exist yet, I haven´t been able to test that on 4K, but with the amount of information in such a mode, 30hz also works very well. Here, the undocumented 3x3 Supersampling + 4x SGSS -no MSAA- Nvidia mode Anisotropic optimizations must be off, and filtering set to 2x, and LOD Bias -0.5. 

A standarization around this mode is what we want. And the compositing and effects, most of the work should be done on the graphics card itself. We now also have our own BBS intro: https://youtu.be/rGjwDdojO1k showing some effects for inspiration.. 

Screenmode II: A fast pseudo 4K Upscale mode for fantasygames: https://youtu.be/gOnHhchv4k8

Personally I am a "computers without pacman" type person, but I have made a mode for fantasygames that has a tendency of getting too graphic on 4K. I suggest dividing games into two main groups: Fantasy and Simulator. The helicopter simulator may use The Mode as told about earlier, fantasygames, may use a 1920x1080 faster fantasymode, where realism is not so important, and masks unwanted things, such as impressions of "gore" and exagarrated fantasyelements.

For this I used a render resolution of 1920x1080, 2x multisampling antialiasing only (transparency multisampling also on) for smoothing the edges just a bit, more gets blurry, and 2x anistotropic filtering, for round edges on zoomed textures and "game profile", and also -0.1250 lod bias, for "game profile". Negative lod bias allowed, high quality filtering, and no trilinear optimization.  Then we upscale this 3x by NN, and use a median filter, for extrapolating a pseudo 3x res, and resample it to 4K,  with a bicubic (a=75) filter. This gives a fast, (pseudo) 4K "game profile" mode for fantasy games, that indeed is what they want, combining Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S. philosophy with gamers wishes, also a measure against gaming taking over philosophic aspects, like happened with Microsoft, whom to most now is only a gaming OS. Fair Pay Needs to be relevant even if games are played.

I also did a minimal jitter test of GNU-Linux, getting 3x72 FPS on the jitter sensitive three-pass Doom 3 engine, that Carmack said had difficulties getting even 30fps (Quakecon 2012): https://youtu.be/2gIUbPeQ1ow 
Getting speedy transfers across the fastest bus, (PCI-E) seems indeed to result in a well-running computer, so this should be the tuning aspect of the OS aswell. Showing that available source has good potential, low jitter fair scheduling better than realtime graphics of Irix, and also ofocurse the usual windows setup. However the communistic aspect of GNU or other philosophies, should be avoided, and replaced by our coherent philosophy. Which indeed gets rid of gamecopying aswell.

Sound: 1-bit Diode converter https://youtu.be/TfEtSQ_uyFQ  / https://youtu.be/uAQPC6rJ-DE

The audiobusiness has definately become about the 1-bit converter. We suggest to do this in the best way, with using a 1-bit converter, with fast diodes on the output, and shifting the bitstream up in frequency, so that one only needs a minimal of analog components on the output, then just a one pole filter, where theoretically a 3.6mhz stream will give -110dB noisefloor, as a professional converter.

Sound: Plugins https://youtu.be/bFpSRjh7PGc

I have also developed Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S. Audio Plugins Mastering Suite, that is optimal:

Compressor/Limiter, the follow-up to my previous limiter that was named "worldclass sound" in Drammens Tidende, a local newspaper. It was a "pre-loudness war" sound limiter. "Loudness War" in DSP speak, really is "too much enveloping", so it tried to reduce enveloping to minimal. This is the followup. The compression algorithm I have developed myself, for optimal dynamics compression. With features like clipping knee depth, release threshold and more, in addition to classic controls, for optimal sound.
And Tonalyzer. A 5-band toneadjustment EQ with gaussian IIR filters, reduced latency and phase to minimal possible, and psychoacoustically optimized it for similar output and input sound. This is the cleanest IIR EQ ever done.
And Plateau EQ, a 10 band linearphase version of the same. 
And also planned is Multicomp that combines Tonalyzer and dynamics DSP into a multiband
Autodither, a good ~6th order dither that stops in silence, and approximates 24bit sound, using sufficient resolution (80bit), and using sligthly less than full feedback on most orders, for best sound. 
Softclip, with popular analog softclip sound. 
Rumble Filter..

I have also played with some speaker design ideas, where basically the conclusion for a sensible design is (without surprise): Critical parts for critical midrange 800hz to 4500hz (with gaussian slope, lower/higher with lower slope). Hi's work with a bit less, and bass can be roughish, but firm, so where one might do budget decisions most. So the midrange is critical as known, and "where the music is". Which can be taken into account for speaker designs for this.

Playing wise, I have also already used 0.33ms latency realtime streams, which is very nice, though needs some optimizations, and that should be patched, getting the best audio latencies on any system, and moving realtime audio to a dedicated cpu. Using the suggested D/A avoids latency on the output aswell. Could we even halve it? Getting "as hardware" latency.

My own plugins will be eventually opened up at appropriate time, and part of this also, where amongst other things I actually have a 9th order parallel gaussian variable slope filter, done in 5 fast IIR orders.

Font: https://youtu.be/-r3GLmUzuds

As a font, we use a script-perfect variant, the Lucida Console Font, respecting the earlier masters. Also used on this website.


And one could integrate stuff like Fund Project buttons, subscription product register for intelligent placement or lookup, mimick streaming economy, etc. Charitable Causes. Or better! Lets take the essence of that which is, and integrate it into a coherent OS platform, with chat, profiles, videochat, pictures, media, OS parts, etc, and optimize it, down to hardware level. And have free use for poor, increasing the potential content creators. Once in the system, making fair pay, automatically part of payments to others aswell.


And do not think of fantasies of Unix hacker-scenarios where there is no money involved. A hacker was originally a quite serious person working at Bell Labs, "clocking in and out", making an income. Also related to the sound of keyboardclicks. People who worked on Unix, and BSD is a legal derivative of Unix. Which makes it the OS with the least dodgy background, The GNU Unix ripoff being Linux version of Windows CP/M ripoff scandal, and shunned for idolaterous zealousy. Microsoft compilers have software locked 80bit precision also, which is there (since x86) for a reason, and Windows never had decent thread priorities, nor realtime. Why not just start patching OpenBSD for a more pleasurable experience, using a Fair Pay Licence, v0.1 stating this software should have Fair Pay for development and maintenance, (when such a system is in place), and is free use for poor. And supports the development of such a system, say initial worktitle BSDmodX: Fair Money Indiedream OS, for the success allowed by Uggun. And release version may omit the pre-system part, and use the full title Uggun Isn´t A Trinity OS, with broad multicultural compatibility.

And computer operating system development seems better in the open, available source has higher quality than the closed source Microsoft windows, and net discussions will address many things faster than the typical customer support.

And avoiding bad business tactics, and vanity gods. For instance, Microsoft did not make basic either, and if someone made a "Windowsblinds" that Microsoft incorporated into their OS, and made a bigger business of it, while the original company lost  business, they will instead be the maintainer of their code and business, avoiding regressive and devastating monopolies. And instead of 1000hz userspace timer in the kernel getting far too much overhead, or "defer pop"-compilations for vanity gods, real religious principles. And hopefully no faulty Agnus (Amigachip) massproduction. The Amiga 500 being more of a fluke, without any coherent philosophy, but with Irix influence. And about maintenance, no clicking "next" ten times to install a thing either. One thing I liked about the Amiga, was right-click file operations menu in GUI, avoiding unnecessary use of screen estate. And what about a directory structure, say with I/O Drivers directory, where peripheral names are listed, and installing a driver simply is moving a file here. Could even automatically be requested from the 'net. Something I want in a filerequester is also sort by name AND date. Also Library directory for all library files. Apps, Users Data and Sys. Compilation could be done in background for subscription components, and automatically installed, no reboots needed. Getting rid of all piracy with a principle of Fair Pay! Hardware wise, many will say too many CPUs are for vanity gods aswell, and a good computer would be a Mini style computer, silent, with dual 4GHZ. The computer is becoming more like a phone, that everybody has, so the Mini format is more suiting. And Appple is already BSD based, as the whole internet, and if MS did this too, it would be one standard.

And ofcourse without Spam, but rather relevant mail in the emailbox, and releant product register for lookup if wanted. Domain names themselves improved with latin alphabet special characters, and zone/country divisions, for easier information management. Maybe even virtual directory structures like low_lat_protocol://general_information label/country/zone/person/ , full filepermissions for author including standarddized prices and royalty settings for typical things, or this needs to be worked out, With small tagline, for "new files" entry in each folder, and each folder could have statistics like most popular files, etc. Files violating copyright will be revoked and derivative works. If author regrets a publishment he may also unpublish, status being on file, and may be completely deleted if wanted. Author having complete right of own files. In cases like interviews, interview questions on interviewer file, and answers on interviewee file. If interviewee changes viewpoints on a later date, he may delete his file completely. A similar spirit should be for collaborative works online, where atleast for instance vocalist file is attributed its royalties if used in a production. This could be part of the filesystem, if file is used. All rights and royalties automated.

I have also designed a codec, to avoid mp3 dodgyness. It is very simple, one reduces bitdepth on input signal, and does optimal error feedback/encoding into highfrequency pulses, for averaging back/reconstruction through a lowpassfilter. For mp3 like size reduction, 4bit and lowpassfilter around 15k, and sounds better since it preserves phase. (Needs 80bit precision). Only when compressed format/low bandwith is needed ofcourse. 

Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S. indeed uses real religious principles. And monotheistic programming is the next step. We suppose that there is a truth, and Uggun (the trinityless goḣd) that defines "Fair Pay". And so the optimal legacy of the 70s "revolution", and Unix. And beyond Jobs Distortion Field. Upgrading The Bible with the perfected Quran, for a fully coherent philosophy, down to revelead Ibrahimic background.  "Deal Justly" - The Quran. Fair Pay Is Decreed By Uggun. And assembly language was indeed based on "one goḣd", and at this level, we update to the cohérent paradigm, and Uggun, Bōss of the Wôrlds, keeping all monotheistic developments to now. Which is the scholarly thing to do. A multicultural concept that fits a worldwide OS, compatible with cultures with the goḣd, transcendence, zën and Allah.


A true and ultimate "hacker"/enthusiast/90s-indie dream/general computer user would be to establish a fair independent internet economy for digital goods. Going from the corporate Unix, to the enthusiast GNU Is Not Unix, combining both in Uggun Isn´t A Trinity OS that has the philosophical principles here, for a resulting decentralized necessary monotheistic netculture. From conception to critical mass. That hopefully will influence culture in general in a positive way. We also ofcourse fully support 3d-printed clothing, houses and tools, taking our economy in a much more independent way. Reducing the idea of "centrality neccesary". Possibly even help realize fine leader-run technocracies in places who are ready for that.  Scaling all the way to an international universalized streaming goods paradigm, Uggun allowing.

A little video of me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-wT5xy5qoA where I further  suggest Electric Mopeds, Buses, Cars - good. Schools showerrooms, and changingrooms can be one. Cassis if you need something for a festive occasion, but not alcohol. And prefer better types of food - even potatochips can be olive oil/sunflower oil now, and french fries can be replaced by rice with mushrooms.

Ywe Cærlyn,

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Posted by: Ywe Cærlyn - 05-11-2018, 04:13 PM - Forum: Where The Goḣd Wants Peace And Trance - No Replies

I have my music project on Youtube

[Image: pic.png]
"Where the goḣd wants peace and trance".

"Ywe Cærlyn is a musician, researcher and developer, and was a Trance Music producer and a spiritual contemporary in the 90s Indie Techno/Trance Music culture in Norway, with peace greetings, zën unitarian monotheistic transcendent sentiments, no vain egos or poses, space images, non-racism, peace, self-realization philosophy, good not bad (Maruf Not Munkar) productions principles, and afterlife motifs, and found Islam to be a deeper spirituality. "A White Balloon Over Arkadya" is "the second chapter", and a contemporary musicvideo series about this and disassociation from pantheonic worship, and the trend and development of a more transcendent zën-meditation realized concept of "the only goḣd" Uggun. Uggun Is Bōss Of The Wôrlds, The Géntle, The Grêat. And that of replacing The Bible and its distortions, with The Quran, being Enligthened.

"If you could change your being to attain gardens wouldn´t you?" 

About author:

In his childhood, he played the homeorgan. And he was the sensible little brother.
In his adolescence he became an actor in early independent homecomputer scene, where he had a top 1 result as BiT, with the track "BiT Sounds", on the Amiga homecomputer in 1992. A playlist of related precursor BiT material is here.
In 1993 was asked to play on the first Trance Music party in the area, known for making a "more melodic techno music variant" on the Amiga, now connected to external manychannels gear, replacing the whole classical orchestra in a génre known as Trance Music, also inspired by transcendence in philosophy. Being one of the people part of developing the trance music genre.
In 2000 was top artist locally as Bit on mp3.com, the first streaming service. One of these tracks "Luv'heart" is featured in this video-series, which the demoversion of actually was made on a Mac running Cubase, and mastered version was done on PC, running Logic, so having experience with several platforms.
In 2001 Starts studies of Islam, as principles of Islam, is a perfected version of the indie peace & love ("PLUR") trance culture he is in. Also starts work with an anti-loudnesswar sound DSP project.
In 2006 was featured as "worldclass sound" in the local news, with his anti-loudness war sound DSP.
2015 Had a top 1% result on Academia.edu, with his summary of studies and research on Islam, and starts the followup music concept, Noc, on his own label "Where The Goḣd Wants Peace And Trance".
2016 Starts an available source project, that became the initiative "Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S.", which is BSD based, and "all about decentralization and fair percentages in cyberspace" which he believes finally will yield The Good OS, based on monotheistic principles, and readied the second version of his anti-loudness war sound DSP, which he feels has remedied loudness war artifacts completely.
2017 Did the "White Balloon Over Arkadya" musicvideoseries on Youtube, where he realizes Uggun Is Bōss Of The Wôrlds, The Géntle, The Grêat. And replaces The Bible with The Quran, being Enlightened."

He hopes this project will represent monotheistic pop-realities and culture in the best way, and pop-spirituality.

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