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I have my music project on Youtube

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"Where the goḣd wants peace and trance".

"Ywe Cærlyn is a musician, researcher and developer, and was a Trance Music producer and a spiritual contemporary in the 90s Indie Techno/Trance Music culture in Norway, with peace greetings, zën unitarian monotheistic transcendent sentiments, no vain egos or poses, space images, non-racism, peace, self-realization philosophy, good not bad (Maruf Not Munkar) productions principles, and afterlife motifs, and found Islam to be a deeper spirituality. "A White Balloon Over Arkadya" is "the second chapter", and a contemporary musicvideo series about this and disassociation from pantheonic worship, and the trend and development of a more transcendent zën-meditation realized concept of "the only goḣd" Uggun. Uggun Is Bōss Of The Wôrlds, The Géntle, The Grêat. And that of replacing The Bible and its distortions, with The Quran, being Enligthened.

"If you could change your being to attain gardens wouldn´t you?" 

About author:

In his childhood, he played the homeorgan. And he was the sensible little brother.
In his adolescence he became an actor in early independent homecomputer scene, where he had a top 1 result as BiT, with the track "BiT Sounds", on the Amiga homecomputer in 1992. A playlist of related precursor BiT material is here.
In 1993 was asked to play on the first Trance Music party in the area, known for making a "more melodic techno music variant" on the Amiga, now connected to external manychannels gear, replacing the whole classical orchestra in a génre known as Trance Music, also inspired by transcendence in philosophy. Being one of the people part of developing the trance music genre.
In 2000 was top artist locally as Bit on mp3.com, the first streaming service. One of these tracks "Luv'heart" is featured in this video-series, which the demoversion of actually was made on a Mac running Cubase, and mastered version was done on PC, running Logic, so having experience with several platforms.
In 2001 Starts studies of Islam, as principles of Islam, is a perfected version of the indie peace & love ("PLUR") trance culture he is in. Also starts work with an anti-loudnesswar sound DSP project.
In 2006 was featured as "worldclass sound" in the local news, with his anti-loudness war sound DSP.
2015 Had a top 1% result on Academia.edu, with his summary of studies and research on Islam, and starts the followup music concept, Noc, on his own label "Where The Goḣd Wants Peace And Trance".
2016 Starts an available source project, that became the initiative "Uggun Isn´t A Trinity O.S.", which is BSD based, and "all about decentralization and fair percentages in cyberspace" which he believes finally will yield The Good OS, based on monotheistic principles, and readied the second version of his anti-loudness war sound DSP, which he feels has remedied loudness war artifacts completely.
2017 Did the "White Balloon Over Arkadya" musicvideoseries on Youtube, where he realizes Uggun Is Bōss Of The Wôrlds, The Géntle, The Grêat. And replaces The Bible with The Quran, being Enlightened."

He hopes this project will represent monotheistic pop-realities and culture in the best way, and pop-spirituality.